.training sasamba at the academy 


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Blue Ridge Kung Fu Arnis Academy teaches a Filipino Cane-Knife fighting martial art (Sasamba) which supplements our kung fu and enhances our ability to change styles and maneuvers for a different approach to both defense and offense.  Both Sasamba and Sil Lum have similar techniques.  The difference is in the strategies, footwork, and timing.  This allows Sasamba to be a stand-alone system or a great companion style to add to Kung Fu or other styles.  The rapid handwork learned in Kali and Modern Arnis is an excellent tool for self-defense.  The skills taught by the handwork can also be incorporated in weapons training and defense.  Because Arnis handwork shares many principles with the Kung Fu styles of Plum Blossom, Wing Chun, and Praying Mantis; the student can seamlessly integrate these styles into one formidable defense system.  This is what Blue Ridge Kung Arnis Academy and Grandmaster Ward mean by "Personal Combat Systems".  Sasamba also includes a variety of joint locks, sweeps, throws, and low kicks.  Once again, these techniques can enhance and be enhanced by Sil Lum Chin Na techniques and Praying Mantis trapping skills.

What is sasamba-kali-arnis?