blue ridge kung fu arnis academy

A true Academy of martial arts

Blue Ridge Kung Fu Arnis Academy offers training in a variety of complete martial arts systems. Grand Master Rick Ward founded his system Tai Yang Tzu Jan Men or Sunburst Natural Fist System to be one of the most comprehensive martial arts systems available.  The Academy doesn't teach a hodgepodge of techniques from different systems thrown together.  The Academy teaches complete systems in which students can rank. Instructor Chris Laing has Grand Master ranking. This means students can master one or more system if they want to put in the work and dedication required. Many students decide to study more than one style at the Academy.  With several styles available, Blue Ridge Kung Fu Arnis Academy has something for almost everyone whether young or old.  The Academy has taught students from ages three years old to students in their seventies and eighties.  Click the buttons below or use the menu under styles to learn more about each style.